Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knowing When You Should DIY and When the Salon Tip is Worth It

A study says that women will change their hair more than 100 times during their lifetime. Black women spend billions of dollars on our hair (or someone else’s) each year. Our hair is our glory (and sometimes an inconvenience). The price of getting your hair done ranges from $25 to more than $200. Multiply that by the amount of trips and the long waiting hours and you will have a sum that, like me, many women cannot afford. Relaxing and coloring your hair are the most expensive services, but also the most important. If you get nervous when you see too many hairs after a wash and set, you should definitely invest in letting the experts work their magic.
It is okay to wash your own hair once or twice a week. Get a girlfriend to trim your ends. Apply a deep conditioner and sit under the bonnet dryer you. However, visiting your stylist when you need a specific style or can’t master the look you want or for chemical services is a good idea.

Not sure if you should DIY? Ask yourself these questions:

If I do this can I guarantee that my hair won’t fall out?

If I do this can I guarantee it will look better than before?

Will this help or hinder my goal to having healthy hair?

Remember, practice makes perfect. But if you answered no to any of the questions above, feel free to proceed to your nearest hair salon.

Coco & Creame's Advice On Making Office Style Simple And Chic.

1. Focus on separates and comfortable, stylish shoes

Separates like blazers, a-line skirts, trousers make life easier; these are the pieces that office attire is made of. You can wear them over and over in new ways and no one will notice. Same thing with footwear: each season buy a comfortable, yet stylish pair of work appropriate heels and you will be set for months.

2. Create your own personal twist

   Make each outfit your own and then own it. Whether it be cinched waists or colorful blouses, give each ensemble your own personal twist and become known as the best dressed in the office.

3. Don’t be afraid to re-wear and rework your favorite pieces

If your wardrobe is extensive, you shouldn’t let beautiful clothing go unworn, but you should also wear what you love. Do not be afraid to wear the things you adore once a week in new ways whether it be your favorite pair of studs or your most magical pencil skirt.

4. Always plan the night before

 Take an extra ten to fifteen minutes each night to pick out your outfit for the next day and iron what you need to. You will save yourself a great deal of stress and time.

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