Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you want to dye your hair?

Get ready to heat up those summer days and  nights with a bold new hue! Need inspiration? The current color trend in motion is bold and spicy copper tones with blonde highlights. Check out these vibrant coppery shades that are being rocked this summer.

Tamika McDonald of Balaros Phase II in Chandler, AZ, mixes up a delicious concoction of bold pink and orange hues to create a tempting cocktail of vibrant colors. 


This Hollywood glam look designed by Christol Williams of Christol Salon & Spa in Clinton, MD, features a spicy cinnamon hue with hints of gold and burnt sienna swirling through cool curls.

A cascade of gold falls playfully amidst ginger hair to add a colorful pop to this short cut styled by Fannie Cooper of Christol Salon & Spa in Clinton, MD.
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