Wednesday, November 23, 2011



You have an important meeting, date, special occasion, or you’re just running late for work, when out of the blue a bad hair day strikes. Suddenly your hair products have lost their magic and your usual styling routine fails to tame your unruly locks.
May be you styled your hair perfectly. Every hair fell into place and you felt on top of game nothing could stop you. Until you walked out the house; the humidity or rain slapped you in the face. All you could do is cover your head and say Oh My Hair. In zero to seconds your hair is a catastrophe.

We all have had them. We dread them. They sneak up on us when we least expect them…..Bad Hair Days. Super Beauty is giving you an opportunity to turn your hair disaster into a triumph in our Oh My Hair Contest. Visit our Facebook page  to enter. Share your story along with a picture (picture not required but nice) for your chance to win 2 Lace Front Wigs. The person with the most likes wins. Make sure to tell all of your friends to like your post.

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